If you enjoy laughing with the people you hold dearest to you, getting distracted by the experience, creating new memories, listening to music, and "nerding-out" on comics, we'll be friends in no time! When my camera isn't snapping away at beautiful moments of life, I'm spending quality time with the most important people in my life: my daughter & wife. 


I enjoy reminiscing about the past and discovering new perspectives which is one of the primary reasons I became a Photographer. I adore capturing you all enjoying one of the most significant events in your life, and I want you to view those photographs and feel as though it's happening all over again.

Life is made of moments that come together to create something beautiful. You can't tell what life will be like in just one moment, but you can see the past, present, and future all blending together. This means that if you think about your life over many years, it's not really one long timeline, but instead many different experiences which make up who you are. My photography captures this idea because what I look for is raw emotion, feeling, and passion when I take every picture. So let’s connect, capture your story, and share this special moment of your journey together! 

I'm Nicholas!

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